Chat with each other in chats

Communicate with the seller

Our service offers a convenient way to communicate in your personal chat with any seller of goods.
This chat is your personal one.

All you need is to quickly register your account on our resource and you can communicate with all sellers.
You can always see when the seller of the product is online or when he was online last time.

Discuss with the seller all your questions about the product personally in the chat.
The service is available – "Online display".

If there is an icon of this service in the ad, it means that the seller is ready to show you the product on a video call.

Communicate with your customer

Communicate with your customers in your personal chats.
You can provide the most complete information about your product in chats or answer clarifying questions from your customers.

The history of your chat is saved with all customers.
You can also delete chats, chat history, or block unwanted customers.

If it is inconvenient for you to give your personal phone number, you can use the chat to present your product.
Also, use the "Online display" service for a better and more detailed presentation of your product.

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